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Avast antivirus update, host unreachable.

Avast antivirus keeps saying host unreachable when updating. It downloads about half of an update file then changes cloud server and the same thing happens all over again. It never finishes the download. Im not using a proxy server and direct connected to the internet and even disabled my firewall and still same thing. I downloaded the update file with a download manager from 2 clould servers and it downloaded the file but it stopped a few times.

Ive seen its a problem with a beta version but cant find anything on this version. Dont know what to do. Ive been here all day fooling with it and am about tired of it.


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Well I finally fixed my problem. I put Avast on a removable drive, took it outside, poured some gas on it and burned it. Its probably a good thing this happened because I found a better free antivirus in the meantime. I also had it installed on another XP machine and it downloaded properly, but a day later it decided to lock up my computer on bootup with the router plugged up so I just uninstalled it there as well. Ive seen somewhere that Avast started around 1988 and it looks like they could do a better job than that. But anyways if someone at Avast wanted to fix the problem they could allow downloads to resume instead of starting all over when disconnected from one of the servers. Just that plain and simple.

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